Collect citations of your products from the scientific literature - invaluable insight and content for development, sales, & marketing

Drive product development & customer discovery
  • See who is using your products and how. 
  • Understand customer needs in complex and dynamic scientific environments. 
  • Discover market trends and identify new applications. 
Enhance your content with highly relevant published papers
  • We send you the collected citations.
  • Support your marketing material with information researchers care about and trust.
Market intelligence
  • We provide you with a citation-driven report detailing your market position in relevant product categories. 


Promote your products, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your site

Get your message out 
We upload your detailed product information into the LabScholars database. This includes images, technical specs, citations, direct links to your website, lists of experts that follow your products on, reviews, and links to data sheets and application notes. 

Differentiate your products 
The product information is very important for researchers making purchases. By sponsoring LabScholars, you make sure full details are provided for all your products. Products with full details are ranked higher in the search results on 

Engage with high quality leads 
Researchers can contact you via to ask questions and get quotes. You can send researchers that follow your products notifications about webinars, training opportunities, and free samples. Complement your activities at conferences and trade shows.

Reinforce your brand reputation
Researchers receive email notifications for products they follow on You are credited as a LabScholars sponsor in more than 1000 email notifications every year.

Become part of the LabScholars expert network to form closer relationships with customers

Build an active & engaged community around your products
  • We invite researchers to follow your products on and receive notifications about new citations, new followers, product-related news, webinars, and training opportunities. 
  • A representative from your company also receives these notifications and is listed alongside the researchers that use and follow your products. 

Position your company as an expert and reach a global audience

  • Connect with relevant experts to form collaborations and get feedback on your products. 
  • Advertise grants and discounts to academic researchers worldwide. 

Collect verified endorsements

  • Researchers can post testimonials for your products on and find other researchers who use your products to collaborate with. 
  • Product testimonials on are linked to published research papers in which the product is cited, providing assurance of their validity.