The scientific purchasing landscape is changing with more open data, more open papers, and more open communication through online scientific communities. The data is there to be organised and made useful - LabScholars can help you make most of this opportunity.

Open Access is increasing...

"the tipping point for [Open Access] (more than 50% of the papers available for free) has been reached in several countries, including Brazil, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the US.... This industry is likely to be undergoing revolutionary change, and at a pace much faster than anticipated,"

- Science-Metrix Inc., 2013

Purchasing behavior is changing...

"On average, customers progress nearly 60% of the way through the purchase decision-making process before engaging a sales rep."

The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing.  
The Corporate Executive Board Corporation (CEB). 2012

Academic-Industrial collaborations are forming...

"studies highlight a range of benefits for firms that participate in open science, including the opportunity to learn from academic collaborators, to enhance firms’ absorptive capabilities, to attract and retain high-quality scientists."

- Research Policy Journal (Elsevier), 2014